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Replacing Temp Agencies with Technology

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Like “Uber” for Ready-to-Work Dental Professionals

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TempMee Opportunities

  • check On-Demand Daily Temp ShiftsFor sick days or family obligations
  • check Extended Leave Temp Placement For planned vacations or maternity leave
  • check Local Permanent JobsFor new part or full time permanent placement
  • check Reverse Recruiting ServicesFor aligning professionals to like-minded offices

How it Works

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Work when you want

Set & control your own schedule No penalties for declining shifts

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Work where you want

Create & add personalized territories Receive offers only where you want to work

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Work for how much you want

Accept shifts with competitive rates Counter offer shifts with your working rate

Temp Process

  • 1 Receive New Temp Shift Alert Push notifications & SMS alerts straight to your phone
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  • 2 Review Temp Shift Offer See office location, date, times, hourly rate & office’s TempMee rating
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  • 3 Respond to Temp Shift Accept, counter, or decline shift
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  • 4 Office Confirms Shift Office receives alert & confirms shift
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  • 5 Shift Scheduled Shift details located under Schedule in your app
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  • 6 Work Temp Shift Arrive on time, work professionally, & complete temp shift
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  • 7 Get Paid Pay released following business day after shift complete via direct deposit
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Why TempMee?

  • bulletWhen your office is closed
  • bulletOptimize your income
  • bulletGet to know offices in your local community
  • bulletLooking to change work enviroments
  • bulletSee what other offices are offering
  • bulletTo gain work experience
  • bulletAfter retirement to keep busy
  • bulletTake control of your career
  • bulletFreedom of flexibility with your schedule
  • bulletFill in openings in your part time schedule
  • bulletBe apart of larger dental community

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