Dental Professionals

Enjoy the freedom to work where you want, when you want, and for how much with TempMee


TempMee is a digital platform that connects the Dental Community. We have replaced Temp Agencies with Technology and are the largest, verified network of Dental Professionals.

TempMee Opportunities

  • On-Demand Daily Temp Shifts

    For sick days or family obligations

  • Local Permanent Jobs

    For new part or full time permanent placement

  • Extended Leave Temp Placement

    For planned vacations or maternity leave

  • Reverse Recruiting Services

    For aligning professionals to like-minded offices

How it Works

Work when you want

Set & control your own schedule No penalties for declining shifts

Work where you want

Create & add personalized territories Receive offers only where you want to work

Work for how much you want

Accept shifts with competitive rates Counter offer shifts with your working rate

Temp Process


  • Dental Hygienists

  • Dental Assistants

  • Associate Dentists

Dental Assistants and Associate Dentists are in pre-launch. Create an account now and start receiving opportunities as soon as they are live.

Join the Community

Create an Account

Create an account quickly and easily. Download the TempMee app and complete all required account information.

Get Verified

After sign-up, TempMee will verify your account and run an identity and professional background check within 24 hours.

Start Accepting Shifts

Once verified, start receiving all opportunities in your area.


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Get The TempMee App Now