How it Works – For Hygienists & Dental Professionals


  1. Create an Account (takes about 3 minutes)
  2. Get Verified (TempMee verifies your hygienist license, identification, and does a simple background check)
  3. Start Seeing Shifts (During signup you select your territory, and after your verified you will start seeing available shifts)
  4. Algorithm (Our algorithm sends you the offer that you qualify for to help find your great shifts)
  5. Accept the Shifts You Want (If you see a shift you like & you’re available to work that day, click the green button to accept it!)
  6. Decline the Shifts You Don’t Want (If you see a shift, but are unavailable, click the “Red X” button to decline it)
  7. Counter to Earn More (If you see a shift, you are available to work, but the rate is too low, click the “Orange UpCheck” button to enter your “counter offer.” This is your “Best and Final” offer.)
  8. Dental Office Confirms the Shift (After you accept or counter an offer, the office will confirm the shift. You will be notified and scheduled to work.)
  9. The App Manages All Coordination and Logistics (In app you will see the location, details, etc.)
  10. Work Your Shift (Go have a great day in that office!)
  11. GET PAID (At the end, of the day all payments and deposits go directly through the app.)
  12. Have Questions? Get Answers (At any time you can call or text TempMee to help you or answer any questions at 786-460-2170)