How it Works

  1. Create an Account (takes about 60 seconds, most of your info is already there.)
  2. Post a Job (When you have need, post a shift, Date, Time, Pay Rate, etc.)
  3. Offer is Sent (Automatically sends the shift to 100s of Pre-Screened, Verified, Licensed & Trained Dental Professionals.)
  4. Algorithm (Our algorithm sends the offer to all qualifying pros instantly to their app, and finds your best match.)
  5. You See Options (Then it returns your best match so you see your options, read their credentials, and even give them a call to make sure you are comfortable.)
  6. Then You Hire (Once you are comfortable, press the confirm button and Your Temp is booked.) The whole booking process may take an hour, but all this happens automatically in the background and only takes you a minute or two to set up.
  7. TempMee Confirms Everything (After that, we confirm everything and make sure they show up on time and ready to work.)
  8. Paid through the App (Best of all, the daily rate you set is charged on the company Credit or Debit card and held in escrow, and only released after you confirm everything went perfectly!)