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If you manage a dental office in Miami, Florida, you know when a member of your staff calls in sick or goes on vacation, it can disrupt your operation for days.

When a hygenist doesn’t show up for work, the dentists in your office often have to do the work of two people.

Treatments take longer, and that means your appointments get backed up and your patients become upset.

Dental Staffing Solution for Ft Lauderdale

You’ll need a temporary replacement for your hygienist to your office in a hurry.

Connecting You to Qualified Miami Dental Workers

There are over 450,000 residents in the city of Miami alone. They will all need a dentist at one point or another.

If you want their business, you must provide them with a superior level of customer service. You can only do this if you run a well-organized and fully staffed office.

Dental Temp Agency in Ft Lauderdale

There are about 10,000 dental hygenist in the state of Florida. They are in demand, which means they can be selective in where they want to work. If you need a hygenist in a hurry, you may think about turning to a temp agency.

Unfortunately, temp agencies often take several days to get a hygenist to a dental office. A dental staffing agency is a busy place. They have to find temporary workers for many agencies. Your request may get lost in the shuffle.

A staffing agency may have a large database of dental professionals, but a recruiter will have to spend time calling around to see who is available. When they find a person who can work, they must verify that the person’s licenses are up to date. They must also make sure the person is willing to work for the salary you are offering. Fortunately, the app Tempmee works just like Uber or Lyft.

Get Qualified Temp Help In Three Easy Steps

When you need a hygenist in a hurry, you can get one in three easy steps with our app. Simply download TempMee and create an account. Once your account is approved, you can start finding dental hygienists. Follow these three easy steps to getting a temporary from our app:

  1. Post a Job.
  2. Wait for someone to accept your offer. Make sure they have all the qualifications you need and approve or deny the assignment.
  3. When the dental professional finishes their shift for the day, all you have to do is approve their pay through the app.

TempMee – A Modern, Reliable Staffing Solution

TempMee is as easy to use as a rideshare app. You can get workers to your office for a fraction of what a staffing agency will charge you.

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Any dentist’s office wants its patients to have a seamless experience when they come in for dental treatment. You never know when the next employee will call off work. Sign up with Tempmee today and you’ll never have to worry about being short-staffed again.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can enjoy the convenience of on-demand dental staffing. So what are you waiting for? Get started with TempMee today!
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