Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is TempMee a temp agency?
      a. No! We are not a temp agency, we are a community that connects local
      hygienists with dental offices whether it be for temporary or permanent
      placement. We have replaced those old-school temp agencies with technology,
      making the process a whole lot quicker, easier, and cheaper.
    2. How do I request a hygienist?
      a. You can use the TempMee Web Platform or Mobile App. Once logged in, you’ll
      be directed to the “Request A Temp” page where you can post jobs as needed.
      b. You can also call, text or email your request (786-460-2170 or While we suggest the web and mobile app for your
      convenience, our concierge hygienist coordinators are happy to help.
    3. How do you guarantee the quality of the hygienists on TempMee?
      a. Every hygienist on the platform is screened, their licenses are verified, and they
      are peer reviewed to make sure they are qualified to temp at your office.
    4. How do I create a TempMee account for a Dental Office?
      a. Download the TempMee App or create an account from the TempMee website.
    5. Who can create an account for the Dental Office?
      a. The Dental Office account can be created by the Dentist, Office Manager or
      another Administrator, however, you will have to verify your office information.
    6. What if I don’t like my initial match?
      a. You always have the ability to decline any match within 20 minutes of confirming
      a hygienist that doesn’t meet your needs.
    7. Why can’t I handpick my hygienist?
      a. Every hygienist on the platform is licensed and certified to provide the best
      possible service. While you are able to select variables such as first available,
      closest, or most experienced, you are not able handpick your hygienist in order to
      maintain a fair community.
    8. How much does it cost?
      a. It is free to make an account and post a shift. You choose how much you’d like to
      pay the hygienist then TempMee adds an 18.5% booking fee on top of the
      hygienist’s pay. TempMee’s average booking fee is about $53 per shift, but this
      number fluctuates as the hygienist’s pay and length of shift change.
    9. How and when do I pay the hygienist and booking fee?
      a. TempMee will charge the Dental Office for both the hygienist’s pay and the
      TempMee Booking Fee. When a shift is confirmed by the Dental Office, they are
      charged the 18.5% booking fee and they hygienists day pay. These funds are held
      in escrow until the completion of the shift. If the hours worked vary from what
      was initially planned, any adjustments must be sent to TempMee customer support
      by 11:59pm the day of the shift.
    10. What forms of payment does the TempMee Platform Support?
      a. The Dental Office can pay with a credit/debit card or ACH. Once logged in, use
      the “Payment” tab to manage your payment method(s).
    11. No one has responded to my job posting, what can I do?
      a. While most postings fill within the first several hours, sometimes a posting will go
      unfilled. This can be due to a number of reasons, it’s usually a below average
      rate or lack of hygienists in your area though. Please contact TempMee’s
      customer support if you’d like our expert opinion on why it’s not filling and some
      suggestions that will increase your odds of finding a temp on our platform.
    12. Why do I have to enter a form of payment before I can submit a posting?
      a. This is in order to protect both parties and to make sure there are sufficient funds
      as your preferred payment method is how we collect our booking fee and pay the
    13. What is escrow?
      a. An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party (in this case TempMee)
      holds and regulates the payment of the funds required for two parties involved in
      a given transaction.
    14. What about taxes?
      a. TempMee manages tax documents for the hygienists’ earned income. Dental
      Offices do NOT manage these documents on behalf of the hygienist when
      booked through TempMee.
    15. How is the Hygienist paid?
      a. Hygienists are paid by TempMee. Funds are released within 24hrs of the
      completion of a shift to allow time for adjustments. The funds typically arrive in
      the Hygienists account 2-3 business days after the transfer.
    16. How does the “I Prefer” offer system work?
      a. You have the ability to select what you value most in a temporary Hygienist.
      Whether it’s years of experience, the hygienist’s proximity to your office, or you
      may just want the first available. This information will be noted to improve your
    17. Can I hire a TempMee hygienist?
      a. TempMee offers a permanent placement recruiting service. Please contact
      TempMee’s customer support if you’d like more information.
    18. What if the Dental Office needs to cancel?
      a. Things happen and sometimes an office needs to cancel. Depending on when
      the office cancels and when the shift is depends on if or how much a Hygienist is
      paid for the cancellation. The hygienist’s pay for a cancelled shift equates to the
      amounts charged to the dental offices as noted below.
      b. The Dental Office can cancel at any time, however, fees may apply. If a shift is
      cancelled between 100 days – 73 hours before a shift, the office can cancel, but
      will not be refunded the TempMee Booking Fee that was charged upon
      c. Between 72-24 hours before the shift, the office has 20 minutes to cancel a
      confirmed shift. A shift that is cancelled between 72-25 hours before the shift, the
      office will be charged 25% of the hygienist’s pay. The hygienist will then be paid
      the 25% of the booked pay for inconvenience and loss of work.
      d. A shift cancelled or adjusted within 24 hours before a shift will NOT be refunded
      and the office will still be charged 100% of the hygienist’s pay. The hygienist will
      still be paid 100% of the booked pay for inconvenience and loss of work.
      e. While TempMee makes every effort to provide pay to the hygienist in the event of
      a dental office cancellation, TempMee reserves the right to waive this pay if the
      cancellation is determined to be the result of an act of god, catastrophic event, or
      force of nature.
      f. Any hygienist that chooses to leave an office during a shift who has patient
      scheduled adjustments rather than stay will only be paid for the time the hygienist
      was at the office.
      g. If a hygienist has a shift that was cancelled within 72 hours of the shift and picks
      up a new shift in place of the cancelled shift, the hygienist will only be paid for the
      new booked shift. If the hygienist would have earned more working the cancelled
      shift, the hygienist will be the highest daily pay.
    19. What if the hygienist needs to cancel?
      a. If a hygienist cancels, the office will be refunded and the shift will automatically
      repost. We will work hard to refill the shift.
      b. If we are unable to refill the shift, we will refund 100% of the TempMee Booking
      Fee and the hygienist’s full pay.
    20. What happens if a hygienist “No Calls, No Shows”?
      a. Because TempMee works with vetted professionals, this is extremely rare. If it
      does happen, we will immediately refund the office for the shift and work to refill
      the shift last minute if requested.
    21. Can I contact the hygienist before I confirm them for my shift?
      a. After the shift is confirmed, TempMee can arrange to have the hygienist call your
      office prior to the shift.
    22. Can I add multiple office locations to my account?
      a. You must create a separate account for each location. We do this to avoid
      confusion for all parties.
    23. Do you offer any other dental professionals or positions?
      a. We currently work strictly with hygienists. However, we are working to add
      assistants and associate dentists to our community as well.