Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be a Hygienist to create an account?
    a. Yes, you must be a licensed Dental Hygienist in good standing.
  2. Who can create an account for the Dental Office?
    a. The Dental Office Account can be created by the Dentist, Office Manager or another Administrator, however, you will have to verify your office information.
  3. What if I don’t like my initial match?
    a. Whether you are a Dental Office or Hygienist, you always have the ability to quickly decline any match that doesn’t meet your needs.
  4. Why can’t I handpick my Hygienist?
    a. While you can select all important variables you need when creating the job offer, every Hygienist on the App is licensed and certified to provide the best possible service.
  5. Can I cancel after I’ve accepted a posting?
    a. Yes.
  6. How/When Am I paid?
    a. Typically, 24 hours after the successful completion of the days work, the funds previously placed in escrow will be transferred to your account.
  7. Why do you need driver’s license information?
    a. To make sure your state issued ID and Hygienist License line up, and to provide simple background checks.
  8. Is a photo really necessary?
    a. While it is not required, we have found that a photo helps the Dental Office know who to expect on your first day. Your photo will not be shared with the Dental Office until after you have accepted the shift.
  9. Why do postings close after 24 HRS?
    a. We want to encourage both parties to review the App regularly so matches are made as efficiently as possible.
  10. No one has responded to my job posting, what can I do?
    a. While most postings fill quickly, sometimes posting will go unfilled. This is usually a result of an offer that local Hygienists are not willing to accept. This could result from a low rate offered, we suggest re-posting at a higher rate.
  11. As a Dental Office, why do I have to enter a form of payment before I can submit a posting?
    a. In order to protect both parties, once an order is accepted the funds are transferred to escrow.
  12. What is escrow?
    a. An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party (TempMee) holds and regulates the payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction.
  13. How does the “I Prefer” offer system work?
    a. You have the ability to select what you value most in a temporary Hygienist. Whether it is years of experience, Hygienists proximity to your office, or the time in which it takes to fill the job. This information will be noted to improve your experience.
  14. Can I hire a TempMee Hygienist?
    a. Absolutely. If you love your TempMee Hygienist so much that you never what them to leave, please hire them, and share your success story with us!
  15. What is the difference between “your home address” and “other locations”?
    a. Your home address is the location in which you work and live. “Other Locations” are additional areas where you would like to see “Job Offers”. You can add multiples locations to increase the number of offers you can see and accept.
  16. What if the Dental Office needs to cancel?
    a. You can cancel at any time, however, fees may apply, please see below.

  17. What if the Hygienist needs to cancel?
    a. While you can cancel at any time, it may cause their TempMee Account to go under review. The review process can lead to a temporary or permanent suspension of their account. TempMee will automatically re-book an available Hygienist to fill the vacant position. TempMee will notify the Dentist/Dental Office once a new match has been made.