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No! We are not a Temp Agency. We are a Marketplace Platform for Dental Offices and Dental Professionals to contract directly with each other for fulfillment of shifts. Since we have simplified the process and replaced the traditional agencies with algorithms, TempMee’s Platform connects you with offices that want to put your valuable skills to work!

Yes, you must have an active license for the particular Dental Professional position you are interested in working and be in good standing with no derogatory marks.

Download TempMee from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store & complete Sign Up ( Once completed, your account will be verified within 24 hours.

Please cancel the shift immediately through the Platform / app.
Support ( 786‐460‐2170)

TempMee provides a digital platform, and we are committed to its community’s privacy. Once the shift is confirmed, you will be able to access the Dental Office’s information.

Once you accept a shift, you have committed to put your best effort forward to complete the Shift. The office and its patients are counting on you so you should not accept a shift unless you are reasonably certain that you can be there, so canceled shifts are taken seriously. As soon as you know you’ll be unavailable you should cancel directly through the app.

∙ Should you cancel shifts 2 or more times in a 3 month timeframe your account will be paused to ensure the most optimal conditions for everyone in the TempMee Community.
∙ Not showing up for a shift you are confirmed for and not notifying the office within 24 hours of the start of a Shift or TempMee that you are unable to fulfill your temp contract is commonly referred to as a “No‐call, No‐Show”. Performing a “No Call, No Show” is a breach of your Terms of Service. Performing 3 “No‐Call, No‐Shows” will result in you being blocked from the app indefinitely.
∙ Canceling within 24 hours of the shift’s start time & date will result in your account receiving a 1‐star out of 5‐stars rating within a 3 month period.
∙ Receiving a 3‐star rating and counts towards your 2 cancellations allowed within a 3 month period & date will result in your account rating not being negatively impacted but it will count towards your 2 cancellations allowed within a 3 month period.

24 hours after the shift has been completed TempMee will pay you via direct deposit. Then it generally takes your bank 2-3 business days to process the direct deposit.

Example of Payout Schedule:

Day Worked

Pay Released

Estimated Arrival



















* Pay is released 24 hours following shift. Adjustments MUST be requested within that time

* Adjustments may delay payout by an additional 24 hrs

* Banks typically take 2-3 business days to process direct deposits

* This schedule may vary due to bank holidays

No. You are an independent contractor. TempMee is a digital platform. They are not a permanent, part‐time, or full‐time employee of the office.

Dental Professionals who are members of the TempMee community are independent contractors, and as such, will be issued a 1099 for any income earned by shifts contracted through the platform.

TempMee provides credential management services by verifying your license and identification as part of your sign up on the Platform. A Drivers’ License or other approved

State ID is needed to complete your account verification. This is done to verify your state‐issued ID and Dental Professional’s License match up and to provide simple background checks. We do this to provide the highest level of safety, protection, and professionalism to the Dental Offices contracting with independent contractors on the Platform. No one but our Verification Team sees your State ID. We also accept passport and other legally accepted stated issued IDs.

No, but Dental Offices often prefer to know While it is not required, we have found that a photo helps the Dental Office know who to expect on your first day. Your photo will not be shared with the Dental Office until after you have accepted the shift.

No, you are not required to enter payment/bank info to create your account. However, to collect your payment after a completed shift, you will need to enter your bank info as all payments through the TempMee platform are completed electronically.

Absolutely! If you choose to accept an employment offer, Please let us know so we can update our records (Call or Text 786‐460‐2170). We also offer reverse recruiting services if you’re interested in part‐time or full‐time opportunities in your area!

Your home address is the location in which you work and live. “Other Locations” are additional areas where you would like to see “Job Offers”. You can add multiple locations to increase the number of offers you can see and accept.

The Dental Office selects the offered hourly rate. If you do not want to accept the offer at the rate posted because the rate is not your standard working rate, you are encouraged to counteroffer by selecting the orange arrow on the job post and requesting standard rate.

Dental Professionals set the radius they want to receive offers from their home address up to 25 miles. If a Dental Professional would like to receive offers outside of that 25‐mile radius they can create multiple territories or reach out TempMee support for assistance.

Dental Offices generally confirm any shift/counter-offer within 5 hours and a Dental Professional accepting the Offer or providing a counteroffer may contact customer support to request that any shift pending any longer after 24 hours be canceled.

∙ Things happen and sometimes an office needs to cancel. How much a Dental Professional is paid for the cancellation, depends on when the office cancels. The Dental Professional’s pay for a canceled shift equates to the amounts charged to the dental offices as noted below.
∙ If a shift is canceled between 100 days – 73 hours before a shift, the office can cancel, but will not be refunded the TempMee Booking Fee that was charged upon confirmation.
∙ For a shift that is canceled between 72‐25 hours before the shift, the office will be charged 25% of the Dental Professional’s pay. The Dental Professional will then be paid 25% of the booked pay for the inconvenience..
∙ A shift canceled or adjusted within 24 hours before a shift will NOT be refunded, and the office will still be charged 100% of the Dental Professional’s pay. The Dental Professional will still be paid 100% of the booked pay for inconvenience and loss of work as you may not be able to otherwise find work during the same time slot.
∙ While TempMee makes every effort to provide pay to the Dental Professional in the event of a dental office cancellation, TempMee reserves the right to waive this payment if the cancellation is determined to be the result of an act of god, catastrophic event, or force of nature.
∙ Any Dental Professional that chooses to leave an office during a shift who has patient scheduled adjustments rather than stay will only be paid for the time the Dental Professional was at the office.

∙ In the instance Dental Professional has a shift that was canceled within 72 hours of the shift and contracts a new booked shift, if the Dental Professional would have earned more working the canceled shift, the Dental Professional will receive the highest daily pay.∙ If another shift becomes available for the same day as the canceled shift within the Dental Professional waives their earnings from the canceled shift.

If your questions are not listed here, please call (786) 460-2170


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