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Don’t settle for less, discover the perfect associate dentist job opportunities that meet your career goals today!


Connect With Offices In Need of Your Skills

As dental offices struggle with a shortage of qualified dentists in certain regions, you can leverage that into work on your terms.

Whether you’re an experienced dentist or just starting out, our innovative platform has the jobs you need to succeed. Discover the perfect office, or learn the skills you need to run your own like a pro.

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Financial Freedom

Tackle your debt or build up your savings by accepting associate dentist jobs that match your desired rate or submit counter offers to negotiate better pay. With TempMee get paid directly in the app within days!

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Work When You Want

Working temporary shifts as an associate dentist allows you to choose jobs that support your work-life balance. There are no penalties for declining shifts.

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Work Where You Want

Gain exposure to different types of practices near you. Only accept the associate dentist jobs that make sense for you.


Work How You Want

Whether you’re starting your career or are an experienced dentist, with TempMee you’ll discover temp jobs and temp-to-hire positions that will help you find your perfect fit.

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Join the largest network of dental professionals and dental offices in the nation! Our app connects you directly with practices that require your expertise.

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Complete your profile. Enter your dentist license and snap a picture of your ID so we can quickly verify your credentials. Start accepting shifts.

Find Shifts

Easily browse through a range of temp shifts and permanent job opportunities in just a few clicks. Plus, our automatic alerts notify you every time there’s a new shift available!

Decline, Counter, or Accept

Within seconds, you can accept the shift as is, submit a counter for more money, or decline the job if it’s not a good fit.

Go to Work

Do the job that you’ve been trained to do. Show up, treat your patients, and go home. Never wait for a doctor to cut a check or get suckered into a post-work happy hour again.

Review & Get Paid

After every shift, review the dental office, leave any comments or adjustments to your hours, and get paid within 3-5 business days via direct deposit.

Join the Largest Community of Dental Professionals & Enjoy the Benefits

  • No obligations, minimums, or fees
  • Access to jobs from 4 hours to full time
  • Support from real people when you need it
Largest dental professional community

My biggest goal was flexibility and financial freedom. TempMee has me on my way to achieving both.

Brittany B.

I’ve been a hygienist for 11 years and booked many jobs. This is by far the best way to do it.

Nicole N.

TempMee has been such a big help for me and my career straight out of college.

Kelli B.
Brittany B. RDH
Nicole N. RDH
Kelli B. RDH
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See Our Frequently Asked Questions

No, as an independent contractor, taxes are not withheld from your pay. There are many misconceptions about independent contractors in dentistry. With TempMee, our professionals choose their own days, hours, offices, and rate which satisfies the IRS requirements for being an independent contractor.

Taxes will be paid when you submit your tax return information and will not conflict with any W2 earnings from an office you work with directly.

No! We are not a temp agency. We are a marketplace platform for dental offices and dental professionals to contract directly with each other for fulfillment of shifts. Since we have simplified the process and replaced the traditional agencies with algorithms, TempMee’s platform connects dental professionals with offices that want to put their valuable skills to work!

TempMee offers dental professionals two payment options:

  1. Direct deposit: Dental professionals must have their bank account or debit card number on file for TempMee to successfully process payments. 24 hours after the shift has been completed TempMee will pay you via direct deposit. Once TempMee issues payment, it may take your bank 2-3 business days to process the direct deposit.
  2. Express pay: Dental professionals must have a debit card information on file and set as your default payment in order for TempMee to successfully issue an express payout. Once an office confirms the hours worked, or 24 hours have passed since the shift was completed (whichever comes first) payment will be issued and be available within 2 to 3 hours.

Example of Payout Schedule:

Day Worked Pay Released Estimated Arrival
Monday Tuesday Thursday-Friday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday-Saturday
Wednesday Thursday Saturday-Monday
Thursday Friday Monday-Tuesday
Friday Saturday Tuesday-Wednesday
Saturday Monday Wednesday-Thursday

* Pay is released 24 hours after completing a shift. Adjustments must be requested within that time.

* Adjustments may delay payout by an additional 24 hours.

* This schedule may vary due to bank holidays.

TempMee is committed to protecting the privacy of the digital community. Once the shift is confirmed, you will be able to access the dental office’s information.

Photos are not required, but they do help dental offices prepare for your arrival and know who to expect. Your photo will not be shared with the dental office until after you have accepted the shift.

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