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how it works for dental offices

Maximize Your Profits by Being Fully Staffed

It’s time to move on from outdated dental staffing agencies – get access to dental professionals on your terms.

Professional dental staffing agency

You may not have a toothache, but we know your pain & we can fix it

Without TempMee

With TempMee

Finding Staff is Brutal

  • RDH unemployment rate is less than .5%
  • Sub lists, temp agencies, & free groups are unreliable & time consuming
  • Job boards are expensive & ineffective

Access to Dental Pros

  • Tens of thousands of dental professionals nationwide
  • Automatically alert nearby professional staffers
  • No fees until your shift is filled

Losing Revenue

  • Missing a hygienist can decrease revenue by $1,500 per day
  • Canceled shifts lead to patient churn, further reducing revenue
  • A lack of assistants leads to dentists covering activities that don't generate revenue

Maximize Your Profits

  • Keep your chairs full to generate maximum revenue
  • Post the shifts you need to keep your office thriving, rather than adapting to professionals' schedules
  • Increase patients’ satisfaction & loyalty

Wasted Time & Energy

  • Calling subs & temp agencies & posting online wastes time
  • Staffing woes place extra stress on all staff members
  • Employees are forced to cover for missing staff

Operational Excellence

  • Dentists & staff are focused on delivering the best quality of care
  • Team members are thriving in their respective roles
  • No time wasted calling and posting without results

Evaluate TempMee’s RDH ROI

Use our ROI calculator to estimate the impact on your bottom line when you a fill a Temp Hygienist shift.

TempMee Service Fee
TempMee Platform Fee
Temp Pay
Total Daily Investment
Single Day Direct Profit
Single Day ROI
Long-term Single Day Profit
Long-term Single Day ROI Percentage

Staffing for Offices

Create a TempMee account
Start posting shifts for hygienists and assistants
Review counter offers from hygienists and assistants
Communicate directly with potential staff
View confirmed shifts from temp staff
Pay and rate your temp staff

Staffing for Offices

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Create Your Account

Staffing is the key to running a successful dental practice. Open a free TempMee account, enter your dental office address, and start posting shifts!

Start Posting!

Attract dental staff by posting shifts up to 3 months in advance. Post up to 5 shifts without entering payment information!

Accept Any Counters

If a professional counters your posted shift for a higher rate, you can accept or reject the offer. Rejections will be automatically reposted.

Communicate as Needed

Once a professional is confirmed, you can communicate directly through the app with any key information about your office or the shift.

Work the Shift!

Your professional should arrive at the specified time, ready to work.

Pay & Rate

Unlike traditional agencies, payment for the professional will be processed automatically through TempMee, along with our fee. Rate your professional 1-5 and let us know how much you enjoyed working with them!

Get Access to Thousands of Dental Pros

Take your dental practice to the next level with verified and reliable hygienists and assistants from the largest dental community.

Largest network of dental professionals nationwide
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Looking for a full- or part-time team member? We’ll handle all of the outreach and candidate sourcing so you just have to make the decision.


Multi-Day Booking

Coverage for extended, medical, or vacation leave. Post multiple shifts together to book a single dental professional for multiple days, or post each shift separately for maximum flexibility.


On-Demand Daily Temps

Whether filling in for a staff member or staffing for an extra day of service (a great tip, by the way), post shifts as short as you’d like.

Join the Biggest Community of Dental Professionals & Enjoy the Benefits

  • No subscription or posting fees
  • Post openings in seconds (really)
  • An easy-to-use platform the whole staff can use
  • Relief from that constant staffing headache
Largest dental professional community

My favorite part of TempMee is the app. Having my temp schedule easily accessible makes life a lot easier.

Rachel R.

Within hours I’m able to get a hygienist – very professional, caring hygienists – to take care of my patients.

Patty F.

All I have to do is put on my app what days I’m looking for. It’s super easy and convenient.

Nora H.
Rachel R.
Patty F.
Nora H.
Have questions?

See Our Frequently Asked Questions

No! We are not a temp agency. We are a marketplace platform for dental offices and dental professionals to contract directly with each other for fulfillment of shifts. Since we have simplified the process and replaced the traditional agencies with algorithms, TempMee’s platform connects dental professionals with offices that want to put their valuable skills to work!

Download TempMee from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and complete the sign-up process (TempMee.com/app). Once completed, your account will be verified within five days and you’ll be able to start applying to shifts.

No, as an independent contractor, taxes are not withheld from your pay. There are many misconceptions about independent contractors in dentistry. With TempMee, our professionals choose their own days, hours, offices, and rate which satisfies the IRS requirements for being an independent contractor.

Taxes will be paid when you submit your tax return information and will not conflict with any W2 earnings from an office you work with directly.

TempMee provides credential management services by verifying your license and identification as part of creating your account. This requires a driver’s license or other state-approved ID, including passports.

We do this to provide the highest level of safety, protection, and professionalism to the dental offices contracting with independent contractors on the platform. No one but our verification team sees your ID.

Accepting a shift is a commitment. The office and its patients are counting on you, so you should not accept a shift unless you are certain you can be there. Canceled shifts are taken very seriously. If you do need to cancel a shift, you should do so through the app as soon as possible so the office has time to find someone else.

  • Canceling two or more shifts in a 60 day timeframe may result in your account being temporarily restricted. This is to ensure the most optimal conditions for everyone in the TempMee community.
  • Any “no call, no show” will result in an immediate restriction to be placed on your account and may result in your account being blocked indefinitely.
  • In the event you need to cancel a shift with a start time within 24 hours, immediately cancel the shift in the app then text customer support with the details of your cancelled shift.
  • Your cancellation history will impact offices’ likelihood of accepting your application for their shift.

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