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Multi-Day Booking

Extended Leaves or Recurring Temps

Medical Leaves or Help on a Regular Basis

Permanent Placement Recruiting

Recruiting for Permanent Hire

Full Time or Part Time Positions

How it Works

Create an Account - 2 Minutes or less

  • Email & Password: Enter your prefered email and create a secure password.
  • General Account Info: Enter your general office info like Name, Address, Phone number, etc.
  • Create Account: Once you enter that simple info, click create account and you’re done.

Post a Job - If you are in need of a temp, here is where you find one.

  • Date: Enter the date you would like the temp to work.
  • Start: Select the time you would like the temp to arrive at your office.
  • End: Select the time the temp will leave your office.
  • Hourly Offer: Select the hourly rate you would like to pay the temp.
  • Break: Select if there is a break during the day, and whether it is paid or not.
  • I Prefer: Select your preferences to help our algorithm find you the best match.
  • 1st Available - Tells the app you are looking for someone to fill the position as fast as possible.
  • More Experience - Tells the app, if possible, you prefer someone who has been practicing for a longer period of time.
  • Closer to Me - Tells the app, if possible, you prefer someone who lives close to your office and has a shorter distance to travel.
  • Send Offer: Once you are ready to find a temp you select this button. (REMEMBER* - You will not be charged until you confirm you want your match, and you can always decline any match for free.)

Enter Bank Account or Credit/Debit Card

  • Enter Bank Account, Debit or Credit Card: In order to post your shift, you must have current payment information entered in your TempMee account. Entering your Bank Account info through Plaid, on the web or mobile app, is the most secure option. It is also preferred as there is no processing fee associated with ACH.
  • No Subscription Fees: There are absolutely NO Subscription or Posting Fees.
  • Approve Match First, Then We Charge: Your account will NEVER be charged without your approval, and you are not charged until you approve your match.
  • 22.5% Booking Fee!: Only after your approval will TempMee charge your card the 22.5% of the total hygienist’s pay. ( Approx. $50 average)
  • Funds Held in Escrow: Once you confirm your hygienist, the 22.5% booking fee and the hygienist’s day pay will be charged to your account. Those funds will be held in escrow until the confirmation of the completion of the scheduled days work. At this time the hygienist’s pay will be released to the temp.
  • Pay After the Works Complete: After you confirm the successful completion of your shift, then and only then, will the funds be released to the temp.
  • Payment Simplified: TempMee takes care of all payments and tax related forms for the temps.

Offer is Sent to All Qualifying Temps

  • Send Offers & Get Back to Work: Once you click “Send Offers”, the TempMee app immediately goes to work for you, so you can get back to your patients.
  • Your Offer is Reviewed: All licensed, verified and qualified temps in your area will immediately get a notification in the app on their phone, and review your offer.
  • Accept, Decline or Counter Offer: Every hygienist in our community will have the ability to review your offer and Respond. They can:
  • a

    Accept: If the temp is available to work and they are willing to work at your rate they can accept the offer.

  • b

    Decline: If the temp is unavailable or unwilling to work on the date selected they can decline your offer.

  • c

    Counter: If the temp is available to work, but requires a higher rate, they can select their “Minimum Required Rate.” This is not a negotiation, but just the rate they require to work that day. You will be notified and you can accept the counter or wait for someone else to fill it.

Review Your Match

  • Web Platform or Mobile App: You can use the website or download the TempMee mobile app to simplify the process.
  • Review Your Match: Once your job is accepted by a Temp, you will be able to review their details and credentials, contact them directly, and decide if they will fit your needs.
  • Confirm & Accept Temp: After you review, if you are comfortable and happy with your match, you can click “Confirm” and you’re done. Everything is scheduled and ready to go.
  • Reject & Repost: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your match, you can “Decline” your match and repost the shift. Since you are not billed until you approve your match, there are never any fees or charges.

TempMee Handles the Details

  • Booked & Scheduled: Once you confirm your match, the TempMee App notifies the Temp that they are booked and scheduled for the shift.
  • Info Shared: The app will give the temp, all the job details you selected above, as well as, your office address, phone number, contact name, specific job and office notes and even direction from their location to your office.
  • Need Something Else: If you need anything from the temp before the shift starts or if they need anything from you, all of your contact info and details are right on the TempMee app and web platform.
  • Ask for Help: And of course, if you ever have an issue or concern you can reach out to our customer service text or phone line at: 786-460-2170

The Work Day

  • On Time: Your temp shows up at “Start Time”
  • Great Work: Your TempMee temp does great work.
  • Good Attitude: You enjoy having them in your office!

End of Day

  • Rate & Review: At the end of the work day, you will Rate the temp’s work out of 5 stars. Write a simple review, if you choose, and select if you would like to work with them or even prioritize them for future jobs.
  • Release Funds: Finally, you click the “Confirm” button to approve that everything went well, and that you are completely 100% satisfied.
  • Issues, Concerns, Adjustments or Help: Of course, if for any reason you have any issues, concerns, time adjustments or help needed, you simply reach out to our help line (text or call: 786-460-2170) because we are always here for you.

A Better Way to Pay

  • Click it & Forget it: After that TempMee will process the payment and all related details for the temp allowing you to focus on your practice.

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