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How to Increase Dental Office Efficiency

mConsent and TempMee have officially partnered together to support the dental community with an even higher level of service. We’re collaborating to streamline dental office efficacy and organization. While mConsent automates front office operations, TempMee fulfills staffing needs. Paper-based systems continuously create front-office burnout, data entry errors, and patient frustrations at dental practices nationwide. mConsent’s

How to Prevent Dental Office Manager Burn Out

Introduction:  As a Dental Office Manager, you have more on your plate than you can begin to explain.  Between coaching, scheduling, payroll, meetings, training new hires, and being the point of contact for everything in the office- it all becomes quickly overwhelming and exhausting.  You need a quick win, something in your day-to-day that won’t

How to Recruit Hygienists in 2022-2023

  Every dental office is running like a chicken with its head cut off, scrambling to find temp and permanent hire hygienists these days! Considering only 7,300 new hygienists are licensed annually, yet there are 16,300 hygienist job openings each year, it’s not surprising that there is a shortage of hygienists to work at dental

5 Tips to Help Dental Offices Fill Shifts on TempMee

Congratulations on creating a TempMee account! You are now a part of the TempMee Community and ready to start experiencing the ease and simplicity of using the TempMee app to fill open shifts at your office. Now, be sure to pay close attention to these following tips as they will increase the fill rate of

10 Tips to Help Dental offices Get Started with TempMee!

TempMee is revolutionizing the marketplace for temp dental hygienists at the perfect time.  As now more than ever, dental offices just like you, are in urgent need of temp dental hygienists and that’s where TempMee comes to the rescue! With our massive network of hygienists and state-of-the-art platform, we are able to connect offices with


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