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The One App Every Hygienist Should Have on their SmartPhone.

Being a temp hygienist has never been easier! The TempMee app makes it fast, convenient, and simple to accept open temp hygienist shifts near you! Every day more and more hygienists & dental offices are signing up and creating a TempMee account- so why aren’t you??  Here are some of the top reasons why an

5 Tips to Help Dental Offices Fill Shifts on TempMee

Congratulations on creating a TempMee account! You are now a part of the TempMee Community and ready to start experiencing the ease and simplicity of using the TempMee app to fill open shifts at your office. Now, be sure to pay close attention to these following tips as they will increase the fill rate of

10 Tips to Help Dental offices Get Started with TempMee!

TempMee is revolutionizing the marketplace for temp dental hygienists at the perfect time.  As now more than ever, dental offices just like you, are in urgent need of temp dental hygienists and that’s where TempMee comes to the rescue! With our massive network of hygienists and state-of-the-art platform, we are able to connect offices with


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