5 Useful Dental Hygienist Ergonomics

RDH Ergonomics

As a dental hygienist, you’re not only responsible for making sure our teeth are healthy, but you also have to look out for your well-being! So, knowing what ergonomic tools will make work easier on your body is important. In this article, we’ll discuss some great products that can help make working with dental mirrors and loupes more ergonomic.

  1. Saddle Seat with Back (Buy Here)
    One of the most important ergonomic products for dental hygienists is a saddle seat or a seat with a high back. Saddle seats allow the user to sit upright while working at a comfortable angle. This reduces leg strain, neck pain, and the risk of injury from repetitive motion.
  2. Clove Shoes (Buy Here)
    Clove shoes are specially designed footwear that protects the feet from direct pressure while also helping reduce pain and fatigue associated with standing on hard surfaces all day.
  3. Noise Dampening Earplugs (Buy Here)
    There is never a quiet moment in the dental office thanks to noisy handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and cleaner units, and suction; hearing loss seems unavoidable. An audiologist can provide custom-made earplugs, such as the DI-15 that protect you from potentially damaging sounds while allowing for normal conversation.
  4.  Wear Right and Left-Fitted Gloves (Buy Here)
    Regular ambidextrous gloves put unnatural pressure on the thumb and were originally intended to be worn for quick procedures, like exams. Right and left fitted gloves to maintain the thumb’s natural and more neutral position and are ideal for use in your long days of wearing gloves.
  5. SE Cushion Saliva Ejector Foam Tips (Buy Here)
    These are great when applying sealants, polishing, or using an ultrasonic scaler. The tiny foam pillows also prevent tissue from partially clogging the suction and secures the instrument for you- freeing up your hand!

These ergonomic products are an excellent way to maintain a comfortable working environment for the patient and provider. They also provide support and protection against injuries due to repetitive motions, which is especially important when you are performing these motions every day, all day long!


Dental hygienists are at a higher risk for injury than many other professions. This is because you spend long periods in one position, and your body is always working hard to do its job. To prevent injuries, it’s important to recognize the tolling impacts of your work environment and take proactive action to keep your body in tip-top shape.

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