10 Tips to Help Dental Professionals Get Started with TempMee!

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TempMee is revolutionizing the marketplace for temp dental professionals at the perfect time.  As now more than ever, dental offices are in urgent need of temp dental professionals, and that’s where TempMee comes to the rescue! With our massive network of dental offices, professionals, and state-of-the-art platform we can connect professionals quickly and seamlessly through the TempMee app on your phone!

 It’s only a matter of time before every dental office is taking advantage of TempMee’s revolutionary dental staffing solution. So, how can you get started using TempMee to make sure you are not missing out on the benefits of this amazing new technology? Follow these tips to make sure you’re ready!

  1. How to create an account:
  • Download and create an account on the app: TempMee.com/app
  • Make sure your phone allows notifications to be sent to you via your phones “notification settings” screen
  • Make sure your professional license(s) have your current, full legal name and are readily available for the verification process (your driver’s license needs to match the name on your dental professional license/certification as well).
  • There is zero cost associated with having a TempMee account, you even keep 100% of your hourly rate, we never take a penny!

2. Expand your opportunities:

If you want to expand your address to a larger territory and allow you to see shifts in a wider area around you follow these steps:

Expand Your Territory: 

  1. Go to the Menu (it’s the three lines or your photo in the upper right your screen)
  2. On the main menu click “settings”
  3. Now click “Edit Profile”, it is near your photo at the top of the page.
  4. Now Click the” >” to the right of your “Address”
  5. Under “Distance Willing to travel” scroll down to 25 miles
  6. Press Save in the upper right in blue.  
  7. Press the orange “>” button and then finally Save your changes

3.  How to Accept Shifts:

  • Once your account is set up you are ready to start accepting temp shifts in your area.
  • If you see a shift in your “Open Offers” feed that you want to fill, please press the green button under the details of the shift to inform the dental office you want to fill the shift.
  • The dental office has up to 24 hours before the shift date to confirm you, but we reach out to them immediately asking them to confirm the shift so you can finalize your schedule.
  • If you saw a shift earlier in the day but no longer see it on your app later on; this means that the shift was filled already by another professional on the app or it was canceled by the office.

4.  How to Counteroffer / What is that Orange Button?

  • You can request a higher hourly rate than the one posted by a dental Office by using our “counter offer” feature. Press the orange button, with the “CheckUp” icon, beneath the shift details to send a counteroffer to the dental office.
  • Your counter offer for a higher hourly rate will be viewable by the office, and can be accepted within 5 hours of you countering. As unfilled shifts get closer to their deadline, offices are likely more willing to accept a counter offer for a higher hourly rate! 
  • Be aware that your counter offer is your final acceptable working rate, because the office can’t counter your counter offer! 
  • If you really want to work a shift as it’s convenient for you; don’t counter an offer at a rate more than a few dollars above the original rate because there is most likely another professional countering your offer with a much lower one!

5.  How to Decline a Shift:

Are you being offered shifts you can’t work? Then press the red button beneath the shift details to decline the shift.

There is no obligation to ever pick up any shifts! 

  • You never have to accept a minimum amount of shifts in a given time frame to keep your TempMee account active and valid. 
  • Declining shifts helps us help you. When you decline a shift it lets us know not to keep sending you notifications for that specific shift in the future.
  • Professionals are free to decline as many shifts as they want without it affecting their ability to accept shifts in the future. You are also free to accept as many shifts as you can or none at all. Either way, we are thankful you are a part of the TempMee community.

6.  Am I allowed to cancel a shift I already have confirmed?

  • The Office and patients you committed to work for are depending on you to show up and do a great job! When you cancel a shift you already confirmed, you are causing the office to miss out on time they could have had the job posted,and possibly had it picked up by another professional who is actually available!
  • Because canceling a shift you are already confirmed causes Dental Offices to lose faith in the efficacy of TempMee; we have to promise to protect them by having the computer system automatically block professionals who cancels a shift. 
  • Text or call us at 786-460-2170 to let us know your reason for canceling a shift with as much notice as possible. If the reason for canceling is reasonable and out of your control we are happy to unblock your account.

7.  What it’s like to work with TempMee:

  • You will receive a notification reminding you of an upcoming shift 24 hours before the shift starts. Patients are depending on you showing up on time!
  • You show up to the office as you normally would any other and introduce yourself to the office manager or dentist and they will tell you everything you need to know to fulfill your temp duties.
  • Of course, always act professionally when at any dental office. You never know when they might offer you future shifts or even offer to hire you full-time through TempMee’s “Permanent Placement” feature.

8.  You have to enter payment information so you can get paid! Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Menu (the three lines or your photo in the upper right your screen)
  2. On the main menu click “Payment”
  3. Now click on the “+” icon the left of “Add Payment Method”

You can enter your bank account information on the first screen or enter a debit card by clicking on the greyed letters that read “Debit Card”

How pay works:

24 hours after the shift has completed TempMee will pay you via direct deposit. Then it generally takes your bank 2-3 business days to process the direct deposit.

Example of Payout Schedule:

Day WorkedPay ReleasedEstimated Arrival
MondayTuesdayThursday – Friday
TuesdayWednesdayFriday – Saturday
WednesdayThursdaySaturday – Monday
ThursdayFridayMonday – Tuesday
FridaySaturdayTuesday – Wednesday
SaturdayMondayWednesday – Thursday 

* Pay is released 24 hours following shift.  Adjustments MUST be requested within that time

* Adjustments may delay payout by an additional 24 hrs 

* Banks typically take 2-3 business days to process direct deposits 

* This schedule may vary due to bank holidays

9. How do Taxes work?

TempMee is a digital platform. Dental professionals are utilizing TempMee as a digital marketplace to find open shifts at local dental offices. 

They are not a permanent, part-time, or full-time employee of the office they are working at. Dental professionals who are members of the TempMee community are independent contractors and as such, will be issued 1099 for any income earned through TempMee. 

10. End of Day Review:

  • Once you complete your shift you will be asked to complete a quick survey where you rate the office you worked with and let us know if you need to adjust the hours you worked. 
  • If the time you actually worked a shift is different from the originally agreed upon time frame; make sure you let us know in the “Adjustments” section of the End of Day Review. We will adjust your pay for the day to match the hours you actually worked according to the adjustment you submitted.
  • Please also leave a review of the office you worked in with our “End Summary Review” feature. 
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