How to Increase Dental Office Efficiency

mConsent and TempMee have officially partnered together to support the dental community with an even higher level of service. We’re collaborating to streamline dental office efficacy and organization. While mConsent automates front office operations, TempMee fulfills staffing needs. Paper-based systems continuously create front-office burnout, data entry errors, and patient frustrations at dental practices nationwide. mConsent’s

How to Control Your Work/Life Balance as a Dental Hygienist

A few hygienists work several part-time positions at dental offices around them to secure a dream schedule. Still, most are rarely lucky enough to find two offices nearby with two different schedules that accommodate their unique needs. Most Hygienists are stuck working schedules that don’t fit their lives,  forcing them to make considerable compromises in

Dental Hygienist Salary: Taking Control of Your Career

  Temp dental hygienists make more per hour than a full or part-time hygienist working at a sole practice. The average annual salary of a dental hygienist is about $77,000, but with the TempMee App, temp hygienists can easily earn more. The TempMee app allows hygienists to sort local shifts by the highest pay, counter

How to Prevent Dental Office Manager Burn Out

Introduction:  As a Dental Office Manager, you have more on your plate than you can begin to explain.  Between coaching, scheduling, payroll, meetings, training new hires, and being the point of contact for everything in the office- it all becomes quickly overwhelming and exhausting.  You need a quick win, something in your day-to-day that won’t

Open Letter of Appreciation to Dental Hygienists

  For Dental Hygiene appreciation month, we wanted to talk about the reality of being a dental hygienist. To put it simply, being a dental hygienist is a sacrifice. It’s all too common for hygienists to take a break from the field after developing arthritis and other joint disorders due to repetitive movements. For us

How to Recruit Hygienists in 2022-2023

  Every dental office is running like a chicken with its head cut off, scrambling to find temp and permanent hire hygienists these days! Considering only 7,300 new hygienists are licensed annually, yet there are 16,300 hygienist job openings each year, it’s not surprising that there is a shortage of hygienists to work at dental

Quick-Start Guide for New Hygienists

Get Hands-On Experience & Test-Drive Offices with the TempMee App There are thousands of newly graduated dental hygienists on the TempMee app! They love how the app gives them control of where and when they work, even allowing them to request more per hour with the counteroffer feature. Download the TempMee app here: One

How to Avoid Office Drama, be Professional and Prevent Stress

  1. Be Impeccable with your word: If you say you will do something, then do it. This will make you dependable and show that you are a competent person who puts their best foot forward and means what they say. In addition, it helps build your reputation as a professional who delivers on what

5 Useful Dental Hygienist Ergonomics

As a dental hygienist, you’re not only responsible for making sure our teeth are healthy, but you also have to look out for your well-being! So, knowing what ergonomic tools will make work easier on your body is important. In this article, we’ll discuss some great products that can help make working with dental mirrors


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