Whether your office has an unexpected absence, a pre-scheduled vacation, or you simply
need a little extra help; we have you covered. Today, Tomorrow, or 3 months from now,
TempMee provides licensed and trained dental hygienists on-demand.


Who is TempMee

TempMee is a new and easier way to connect licensed hygienists with dental offices in need of temporary help through an on demand smartphone app.


Speed, Simplicity & Quality

TempMee is designed to simplify and streamline the slow and frustrating process of finding a temporary hygienist. It is quick, easy and cost effective. No need to use the time consuming sub lists, unreliable message boards, or overpriced temp services. With top rated licensed hygienists on-demand your office will never miss a beat.

How it Works



A Better Way to Pay

After creating an account, you can add a credit or debit card. When you decide to book a hygienist your card will be charged your Hourly Rate + 18.5%. After you approve the successful completion of the day, the funds will automatically be transferred to the hygienists account. It’s just that easy.

Set Up Your Account in
5 Minutes or Less.

  • Create Your Account

    Provide your simple contact information such as office name, address, phone number, and main point of contact.

  • Post Your First Job

    Choose the day, times, hourly rate, and your preferences, then select “Send Offers”. Your offer will immediately be sent to every local on-demand hygienist who meets your requirements.

  • Get the Help you Need

    Your top-rated and licensed TempMee Hygienist will arrive to your office as scheduled, to provide the help your office needs to run smoothly.


Get The TempMee App Now

Get The TempMee App Now