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About TempMee

Changing the Way the World Works One Job at a Time

Modern problems require modern solutions. To solve the dental staffing crisis, we’ve built a community that gets fills while empowering dental professionals.


We started TempMee to revolutionize the dental staffing industry. Our goal is twofold:

Provide offices with the personnel they need to keep their businesses thriving and do so in a way that empowers dental care providers to live their best lives. We are committed to eliminating traditional staffing agencies and providing the best staffing solution possible to the dental community.

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Just a Little About What Makes Us Special


TempMee is a truly values-driven organization. Every element of our business is grounded in the following values:

  • It’s Your Ship – Employees are empowered to own their responsibilities, make the best decision possible, and move forward.
  • Hard Work Doesn’t Have to be Serious – Make work enjoyable for our customers, yourself, and your peers.
  • Leave it Better – In all things small and large, make a positive impact.
  • Whatever it Takes – “I will find a way or I will make one” (Hannibal Barca).
  • True Believer – Changing the way the world works takes time, effort, and belief.

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