About TempMee

TempMee is the #1 Dental Staffing App for quickly filling short-term Dental Hygienist Positions. 

TempMee was designed to fill open, temporary hygienist positions with local, qualified talent by replacing the traditional “sub-list” dynamic.

 By becoming a TempMee Dental Office, you’ll have the ability to quickly and effectively connect with available Dental Hygienists, ensuring that your business runs optimally. This will significantly reduce the time and energy spent searching for temporary help, allowing your office to devote attention to your patients.

 Our TempMee Hygienists are notified of available positions in their chosen area(s), inviting them to fill available shifts and put their hard-earned and valuable skills to work. 

Payment transactions, pending jobs, open jobs, and work history are facilitated and coordinated via the TempMee App.

Providing Staffing Solutions with the Largest Network of Dental Professionals.

Changing The Way The World Works.


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